Truth: Be told!

What is the thickest shield that blinds people from obvious truths? What is the cause of immense prejudice which divides souls and nations? Why is it that people claim to have open minds, when in reality they are simply searching for proofs of their preconceived notions about an entire people? Does freedom of speech mean freedom to aggress without limits? Why are those very same aggressors the largest hypocrites? Why do aggressors erect the stage and provoke a defensive response which they then misconstrue as an offense? When will my religion be understood? When will the ignoramus learn that he does not know?

We are not here to change anyone. We are here to coexist. We are here to be a source of mercy. That is our purpose. Anything out of that is out of the fold of Islam. If our greeting with every passing is "Peace be upon you"; if smiling is considered an act of charity; if your neighbor, whoever they may be, is so precious that it was as if he had a right to your inheritance; if women are encouraged to maintain their last name after marriage because they are not the property of men; if that an orphan's care is of utmost importance; and that killing one man is like killing all of humanity, then HOW in this ferocious world that we live does ISLAM teach violence? HOW? If we were to base a religion on the actions of its proclaimed followers, Christianity would have been considered a terrorist religion hundreds of years ago. The crusades do not represent Christianity. Not to mention the ancient British colonialists that helped destroy all essence of true Islamic tradition, and the current wars that our VERY OWN presidents declare on the innocent.

I have grown tired, I have grown weary, and I have grown to appreciate the struggle the Prophet Mohammad went through when he was stoned out of Taif by children who were instructed by the adults that they need to attack him. He did not throw one stone back. He left peacefully. And instead of praying that God destroy them, he prayed God guide them.  Which He did. And when the Prophet (peace be upon him) forgave the Meccans when he reentered Mecca and did not fight them.

How has all of this been lost? Where has all the proof of Islam's peace gone?
It is still there. But for those seeking proof of their wicked misconceptions, they will misunderstand anything and believe in fallacies and misrepresentations as the Islamic teachings.

I end my passionate extrusion with the first word God revealed in the Holy Quran, for it is the only way we can eradicate our minds from deformations of the truth.

"Read." [96:1]

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